About Us

The Department of Animal Science has a leading role in the field of animal science in both the Autonomous province Vojvodina and the Republic of Serbia. The activities of the Department are focused on educational, scientific, research and specialist work with the primary objective of stimulating and enhancing animal science as one of the most important industries in the country. At the moment, on the Department there are 15 Doctor of Science professors, 5 Doctors of science as assistant professors, two Master's degrees and more than 20 Associates and technical staff.

Via research and development projects, the Department of Animal Science promotes close cooperation with cognate scientific and research institutions and industrial organizations, which results in new scientific achievements, products and technologies. The Department is renowned for its intensive international cooperation in the Balkans, countries of the former SFRY, as well as with institutions from EU countries, USA, Russia, Ukraine and worldwide.

In addition to the scientific cooperation, a significant professional cooperation is established between the Department and leading domestic companies in animal production, as well as individual agricultural producers, via education, courses and specialist lectures.

History of the Department of Animal Science

The Department of Animal Science at the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad was founded on 21 October 1950 under the name of the Provincial Institute of Animal Science. During 1954, the Provincial Agricultural farm "Kamendin" was added to it, which became an integral part of it. A number of changes in the organizational structure occurred thereafter and the Department of Animal Science assumed its present form in May 2002.